This movie, “The Florida Project”, is one of the very rare movies that
pay attention to the lower class in modern America, and it gives a truly
natural, realistic, heartbreaking, depressing and absorbing portrait.
The six-year-old girl Moonee and her young mother Halley do a lot of
“wrong” things, but it is unfair for them to be blamed, because
ultimately it is not their fault, and they simply lack the necessary
education, training and guidance. The society, the government and the
upper/middle class should really do something to help them.

The film My Fair Lady is a very classic film. As the best picture in the
37th Oscar, it won 8 prides, such as directing and actor in a leading
role. The movie is about a girl named Eliza’s fate from a flower girl to
a lady trained by a linguist.
The first time when I finished watching it, I was revolted at the
linguist professior Higgins. He is a so arrogant, conceited,
cold-blooded and rude man. Because he speaks very beautiful English and
is versed in linguistics, he can be so unpolite towards the people in
the low class and looks down upon their unstandard English; because
Eliza is a flower girl and trained by him, he can ignores her feelings
and just treats her like an animal. We can confirm and admire him on his
strong interesting and hard-working on the study of linguistics,
however, we should be frank to admit that he doesn’t do well in the
world of human beings emotion. Even we can say, very bad. He doesn’t
understand human’s feelings such as sympothy, modest and love between
man and woman. He is not sensitive enough.
However, after watching the movie again, I have some new feelings.
First, cherish what you have. Don’t be regret until you lose them. In
the movie, we can see that being customed to Eliza’s greeting, care and
company, Mr Huggins doesn’t realise it is a happiness and takes it for
granted, even when Eliza says she wants to leave. He is just strange
about it and gives her some advice carelessly. It is when Eliza really
leaves and says she will marry another young man that shocks him and
makes him to sadness and regretion. But he still be arrogant that he
imagines one day Eliza’s husban will run away with a rich woman and
abandons her, so she will come to him and what will he do. It’s a little
comfort he gives to himself. Lukily, Eliza comes back again.
So from Eliza’s returning, I think everyone may think it’s the good
ending of the story. However, I ‘m afaid not. In fact, I think they can
not be happy while get married. Yes, professior Higgens has turned Eliza
to a lady. But it’s just on the surface. Eliza just can speak and behave
like a lady, while in her mind, she is still a flower girl. She comes
from low class, certainly she is unable to receive much education and
doesn’t have much knowledge. She and Mr Higgins belong to 2 very
diffirent class so that they have much difference and diparity gap. They
couldn’t have much same talking topics and similar feelings during their
communication. Their experience is extremely different from each other.
I don’t mean to disdain the low class, just to speak frankly and
practically. Yes, Eliza can learn. But Mr Huggins’s personality is
conceited. He will speak or act out more or less even he can realise and
try to correct. It’s a habbit he has kept for so many years. In additin,
their defference is really, really large, awful. Eliza will have much
difficulty in learning. After all, a person’s inner beauty and elegant
temperament are formed not one day and need to be on the basic of
knowledge. Finally, one day, Eliza will be tired and can’t tolerant the
big gap. Leave, will be her best choice. It is destiny. They can not be
happily together.
So Above all just my own opinion about the movie. I deeply feel that
good movies need chewing again and again. Everytime’s watching and
thinking will make a difference. I’m sure next time after watching it, I
will learn something new again.

Besides, it is a shame that such a great movie gets very limited box
office. It seems that most moviegoers just want to watch non-existent or
purely imaginary stories, like superheroes, fairy tales or star wars,
where good always conquer evil, and neglect the significant and
pragmatic tragedy that could happen frequently in real life.

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